Why you need a business card

why you need a business card

A business card is what represents your company’s brand to a new customer. First impressions are very important and having a unique and efficient business card can help set a great first impression.

Business cards do everything from show someone you’re serious to increase personal brand recognition and awareness.

Efficiency = Business Growth

Having a business card with just the right amount of information coupled with a design to stand out can propel your sales, leading to new business opportunities and growing your company.

The main goal of a business card is to provide contact information so having a business card on hand will always help save valuable time with possible customers. Handing out a business card will always be much quicker and risk proof than manually providing contact information every time.

The need of a personal touch

Handing out a business card will always administer that extra bit of a personal touch. Every business card given out is usually always followed by a handshake and thanks from both parties, this will be the first vital step of creating a key personal relationship with a possible client.

What you need on your business card

There are plenty of things to have on a business card, and many depend on the unique aspects of your business and how you want to stand out, but there a few KEY things to have on every business card:

  • Name, every card needs an owner, put your name on the card and it’ll build that personal relationship with the customer.
  • Company Name, another given. People want to know who they’re working with, having a business card without this will never be valued and always forgotten. It’s always good to have a double-sided business card, with one side completely dedicated to your company name and/or logo.
  • Contact Information, this includes your phone number and email. No matter which is your preferred method of communication, you always need to provide both to the customer to make sure it suits their needs as much as yours. An email will always be the foundation of your communication between you and your customer so make sure it’s simple and unique.
  • Web Site, in this era of technology and the dominant power of the Internet, having a website is crucial to any business, no matter what it is. This is a way for a new customer or even an existing client to always be able to reach you and your company, either on the move using their phones or in their office using a desktop computer.

Now here are some additional things that can really help maximise engagement with customers:

  • Address, if your company has a physical office or store, then make sure it’s on your business card, clients need to know where they can reach you and it’s a great way to draw new customers in.
  • Social Media, is a great way to show examples of your work, your staff and your personality, all to help build a more personal relationship with the customer without consuming too much of both parties’ time.
  • Other Information, if there is anything else you might think you need on your business card, for example, something more specific to your business, make sure you add it. Just make sure the card does not become too complicated or full. Remember, the main purpose of a business card is the contact information and to make a good first impression of your company. Anything else can always be provided later on.

Final Notes

Don’t overdo it. Remember, a business card should be very simple and easy to read. Too many times a company may try to squeeze too much information on one small card which as a result renders the card useless. A customer wants to easily contact you, if they are overwhelmed by the card then this may prevent them from contacting you as they might believe they are making a bigger commitment than they actually are.

Design is Key. Make sure you’re working with a credible designer that can make your business card unique and stand out, whilst ensuring easily readable text with no clashing colours and a font that can be read with no struggle.

Look at their previous work and ask yourself, can they design a business card that represents my business in the best way?

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